Twenty Eighteen marked a milestone –  half the world’s population are now connected to the Internet.  But it’s not always fast enough to view modern web content and half the world is still left out.  What’s more, the expansion of the Internet into new geographic regions is slowing down.  As a result the gap in digital literacy is growing and people, especially in rural communities, are being left behind.

We are the  Foundation for Overcoming the Digital Divide and we approach the problem in a new way. Our goal is to deliver a curated version of the Web to people in remote communities using television.

Curated Web Domain

There are plenty of domains on the Web today.  They’re available to anyone who can get online.  But the Foundation for Overcoming the Digital Divide is building and delivering something new – a curated web domain containing thousands of sites that are selected by an editorial team based on quality and relevance.

There are millions of web sites.  They vary widely in quality and some are very offensive.   Our curated domain, .odd, contains far fewer sites selected for their quality.