Towards a Demonstration over Live TV

It’s time to get out of the lab and into the world!  We’ve been testing our visual datacasting software using a desktop demonstration.  Instead of receiving a television signal from cable, satellite, or over-the-air we’ve burned a video clip onto a DVD.  Then we played the DVD with the video output connected to our video capture device.  The device converted the video signal into a steady stream of digital images that our software examines one frame at a time.

We can think of no reason why the same software would act differently if the video signal came from a live TV broadcast instead of a DVD player.  Still, the proof is in the pudding.  This is the 10-second video clip that we plan to use for our first live verification test.  It delivers a health-related bulletin as a simple web site.

Once we broadcast the clip and successfully decode it, we will have proven that visual datacasting works over a live commercial television network.  We think that’s pretty exciting so please stay tuned.