Curated Web Domains

People have been collecting and curating objects for thousands of years.  Libraries, art galleries, and museums are filled with the best books, paintings, and artifacts available to the curators.  But what they all have in common is that the objects don’t change.  For us it’s different.

We collect and maintain mirror images of websites. The collection is called a curated domain because it contains websites.  It’s curated because we decide which sites to mirror and we take steps to keep the mirrored sites up-to-date.  However a curated web domain is never online.  Instead the entire collection is stored on a single server that can be shipped to remote locations. 

While the websites in the curated domain reflect their online versions there may be some differences.  A website in the curated domain can link only to other curated sites. Links to sites outside of the curated domain can only be followed if the user has Internet access.