Neutral Particle Production from 300-GeV/c Proton Proton Collisions in the Fermilab 15-Ft Bubble Chamber

Secure mobile radio telephony

Broadcasting computer files using television

Inclusive K0, Λ0, K∗±(890), and Σ∗±(1385) production in pp collisions at 300 GeV/c

Correlations between neutral and charged pions produced in 300-GeV/c PP collisions

Strange Particle Production In Anti-neutrino P Interactions

Study of the Reaction Anti-neutrino p→μ+pπ

x Dependence of the Proton Structure Functions from Inelastic Antineutrino-Proton Scattering

Charged-particle multiplicity distributions in pd and pn interactions at 400 GeV/c

Comparison of jet size in νp interactions with that in e+e−annihilation

A Test of Quark Fragmentation in the Quark – Parton Model Framework

Study of Charmed-Quark Production by Antineutrinos

Hadron-production mechanisms in antineutrino-proton charged-current interactions

Measurement of quark momentum distributions in the proton using an antineutrino probe

Multiplicity distributions in ν¯ p interactions

Strange-particle production in high-energy ν¯ and ν charged-current interactions on protons

Measurement of the neutral-current-to-charged-current cross-section ratio for antineutrino-proton inclusive scattering

Inclusive D and D Production in e+e− Annihilation at 29 GeV
Tests of QED at 29-GeV Center-Of-Mass Energy

Erratum: Hadron-production mechanisms in antineutrino-proton charged-current interactions

Study of quark fragmentation in e+e annihilation at 29 GeV: Global jet parameters and single-particle distributions.

Fundamental Reusables for Enterprise Deployment (FRED): Helping to lead NASA in bold new directions

“Faster, Better, Cheaper” Mission Operations-Employing a Reusable Object Methodology

A multi-disciplinary plan for easier access, management, and analysis of science data

Interactive Archives – Creating A “Librarian-In-A-Box”

The SFDU Science Data User’s Workbench – Integrating Data Across Continents and Cable TV Networks

Standard Formatted Data Units